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We Awaken by Calista Lynne

Victoria has lost her father in the car accident that comatosed her brother. Then one night she dreams of a girl named Ashlinn who brings a message from victoria’s brother and a rose, a rose that Victoria finds upon waking up. This starts the beginning of their romance. As Victoria learns more about Ashlinn and her existence conjuring pleasant dreams for humans, Victoria longs to be able to see Ashlinn during the day. But Ashlinn being out in the waking world has dire consequences.

It is through these encounters that Ashlinn brings up asexuality as Victoria talks about her sexuality. She likes girls but not kissing or experiences sexual attraction. Ashlinn’s also asexual and guides Victoria through discovering her own asexuality. Both are sex repulsed.

When Victoria brings up her asexual relationship with Ashlinn to her best friend, she responds with skepticism that it exists or could work. Acephobia winds through the outside relationships of the book. While the friend eventually accepts Victoria‘s asexuality, there is a big moment where a dream woman Ashlinn associates with actively seeks to show her that her asexuality will mean she’s not enough in a relationship through dream imagery involving sexual assault.

While there are some dark moments through this book dealing with grief, mental health and acephobia, I found there to be adorable moments of Victoria and Ashlinn’s romance balanced it out. And it had a happy ending, which I always think is a plus.

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