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The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

Fleeing from a marriage proposal, Felicity visits her brother to enroll in a medical school. She’s turned down for being a woman. So when an opportunity to become an assistant to Dr. Alexander Platt, an eccentric physician that Felicity admires, Felicity runs full speed toward it despite her nerves of running into her estranged childhood friend and no money. Luckily, she meets a young woman willing to pay the way, provided she can travel with her disguised as her servant. However, the young woman’s ulterior motive ends up with them ending up in a rush against time.

Felicity is strongly implied to be aroace. She goes through a journey of not wanting to marry a nice guy that she’s formed a relationship with. She writes a letter at the end to the man she ran away from, explaining that her heart “didn’t fit there.” Her orientation is part of what pushes her on her journey.

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