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Technically You Started it by Lana Wood Johnson

Told entirely through a text conversation, Haley thinks she knows which Nathaniel Munroe II she’s talking (there’s two of them), but their relationship is pretty much just through the texts. It’s a romance with mistaken identity and a vibrant conversation.

Haley spends most of the book talking about being weird and having crushes “too late,” and being uncomfortable with her friend’s quizzes that she keeps getting Haley to take. At one point her friend is having people take a Kinsey scale test, and Haley comments that she gets an x and that she wishes there was a space between it. Toward the end of the book, she comes out as demisexual.

Personal thoughts (I'm trying this out, let me know if you like it): Haley seemed kind of dense like the clues about mistaken identity seemed kind of obvious to me. On the other side, I loved how I felt like I could imagine the world around the text conversation and what was going on. The texting showed differences between characters when someone else got a hold of the phone.

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