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Our Bloody Pearl by D.N. Bryn

Perle was the first siren captured when the ruthless pirate captain Kian creates a device to cancel out their songs. While all other sitens have since been killed or sold since then, Kian keeps them prisoner. With their song muted and their tail paralyzed, their hope for escape is rekindled when another pirate ship seizes Kian’s ship.

Dejean, the new pirate captain, seems different with the kindness he shows Perle and his ragtag himan family. Perle’s not sure they can trust him, but Captain Kian is still out there, and she won’t let Perle go so easily.

Our Bloody Pearl is ace inclusive early on when Dejean explains marriage to Perle and differentiates romantic and sexual attraction. It’s only at the end that Dejean is revealed to be ace.

At the very end Dejean and Perle say they love each other, but Perle questions: “Don’t humans equate love with mating? I love you, but I don’t feel those impulses with you.” With a laugh, Dejean confesses he doesn’t feel that way either and that he never has. The word asexual isn’t used but the orientation is clearly stated in this moment.

Our Bloody Pearl deals with the aftermath of being captured and has graphic moments of violence and some implied past sexual assault. Sirens also eat people.

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