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Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta

#side character #nonbinary #notplotrelevant #fantasy

Danny moves to California, where she falls in with a group of queer witches called “the Grays.” With short chapters cycling through perspectives from Danny to ravens to a whole student body, and slipping back in time from perspective of the “missing” girl, Imogene, the story unravels in an unlinear fashion piecing together what happened to Imogene one of “the Grays.” Imogene, however, is physically present but her personality is completely gone.

In the first quarter of the book, all of the Grays come out to Danny. Lelia is coming out as nonbinary with the help of June, and says “She is fine, at least for now” on her pronouns before going on to say she’s not allo. She clarifies that she’s gray ace a couple lines later. There’s not much more about it, though Lelia is present throughout the whole story with the other Grays.

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