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Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

An ace-centeic love atory, Alice is a bi ace getting over her bad break up with her girlfriend who broke up with her because she didn’t initiate sex and felt she didn’t Care about her. This is the very first scene in the book, and Margot (the girlfriend) makes references to many ace stereotypes like needing to see a doctor, being abused, and not being able go love as much as she can. It’s referenced that Alice had sex with

Margot when Margot wanted it.

During the summer after the break up, Alice becames instantly attracted to her new coworker, Takumi. As her relationshio with her best friends start falling apart, Alice seeks therapy and draws closer to Takumi.

Alice is out to her best friend and theough the course of the book comes out to Takumi. Asexuality is center to Alice’s character and twines throughout the story.

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