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Brightest Gold by Olivia Sitter

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Standalone short story

Jorrah is a dragon obsessed with tokens of affection that glows in their eyes. However repeated appearances of humans with their chest torn open has chased them through several towns. In a town that Jorrah finds home, they stand up and pursue the culprit. The main character, Jorrah, is clearly stated to be nonbinary and though the word “asexual” isn’t used in connection to them it is directly implied by the statement that they feel no “caranal desire” and bafflement at the idea of why people would. This aspect is subtly tied to the character’s multiple relationships through the short story and is outright stated to be a virgin. The lack of “caranel desire” and virginity is used to explain how they get out of a potentially dangerous situation (I don’t want to give spoilers to the actual event). All of this comes to light and is made clear when the story is already halfway over.

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