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Always Human by Ari North

In a futuristic world where technology called mods can enhance health and change their appearances, a love story unfolds between Sunati and Austen. Sunati is drawn to Austen by her apparent bravery for living “unmodded,” but Austen actually has Egan’s Syndrome, an autoimmune condition that causes bodies to reject mods.

Originally told on Webtoons (and it’s still there for free), this is only the first half of the story (or season one as it’s referred to on Webtoons). With soft colors, an inclusive world is painted around a lesbian love story (though the label isn’t used in the story). One of the side characters, Rae, is a black girl that in a flashback later in the first season (chapter 28, if you’re curious) is revealed to not be interested in dating or kissing. Though she experiments with Sunati to see if “kissing is as big deal as everyone says” it is. It’s not brought up again in this book, but I will be updating once I read the second part.

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