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Ace & Aro reads started out as a project for M.L. Allison's Reader Advisory and Web Design classes for their masters. With the long list of gathered books that were said to have ace and/or aro characters, they roped in their friend to help write the reviews.


M.L. Allison

Hi, I'm M.L. Allison. I'm in my mid-20s, asexual, writer, and an avid reader. I mostly read fantasy. Most of my writing is sitting on my computer waiting to be finished, though I've written a fair amount of fanfiction that is up. I have a bachelor's in English and (almost) a Masters in Library and Information Science.

Deanna C.A. Toenjes

Hey, my name's Deanna! I'm a mid-20s asexual with a love of literature and writing, and a dash of drawing. I overachieved and got two Bachelor's degrees, one in writing, both of which I currently don't use for my jobs. But my dream is to work at a library and be able to instill a love of reading in others. I love fantasy and adventure books, as well as mysteries, whether they are novels, comics, or manga. My goal is to someday write (and maybe illustrate) my own story.

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